Systematic Compliance Management


Century and each of our global facilities are C-TPAT certified and validated. We are an accredited member of C-TPAT as well as certified TAPA-C member, and maintain security, safety, and compliance as top priorities. We are well versed on global supply chain compliance measures, and have incorporated these requirements into VMS® capabilities to ensure every shipment we handle is fully compliant with the relevant regulations.

  • Direct ISF Filing – We run a very successful, entirely automated ISF program to ensure our customers’ compliance with the regulation. All mandatory ISF data elements are locked down VMS® and ISFs are filed directly with U.S. Customs. Exceptions, like unclassified SKUs, are identified early, allowing for timely resolution. Visibility to ISF filing and data are provided within VMS® and through reporting, so you are always aware of filing status.
  • C-TPAT Management Solutions – We support our customers with their C-TPAT validations through innovative solutions like self-declaration questionnaires integrated into VMS® for vendors to only allow shipments from compliant vendors. We can also provide factory pre-audits and work with vendors on corrective action plans to help ensure factory level compliance.

From product quality inspections to customs regulations, we understand that different origins and destinations have requirements beyond C-TPAT and ISF, and have diverse experience shipping to global destinations, including North America as well as the Middle East, Australia, Europe, and various Asian destinations. We provide local expertise on global shipping compliance regardless of your origins or destinations. Speak with us today to build compliance into every step of your supply chain.



Direct ISF Filing with U.S. Customs with up-front exception management.

C-TPAT Management solutions have been recognized as best-in-class.

Integrated product and supplier compliance solutions so only compliant goods are shipped.